CopyQ Help

CopyQ help

help generated by copyq -h

Usage: copyq [COMMAND] Actions:

showShow main window
hideHide main window.
toggleShow or hide main window.
menuOpen context menu.
exitExit server.
disable, enableDisable or enable clipboard content storing.
select [ROW=0]Copy item in the row to clipboard.
nextCopy next item from current tab to clipboard.
previousCopy previous item from current tab to clipboard.
add TEXT…Add text into clipboard.
insert ROW TEXTInsert text into given row.
remove [ROWS=0…]Remove items in given rows.
tabList available tab names.
tab NAME [COMMAND]Run command on tab with given name. Tab is created if it doesn't exist. Default is the first tab.
removetab NAMERemove tab.
renametab NAME NEW_NAMERename tab.
exporttab FILE_NAMEExport items to file.
importtab FILE_NAMEImport items from file.

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